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Language Overview

Fluency Programming Language (FPL) is a modern language built for big data analytics and data visualization. As a language developed on top of JavaScript and Go (Golang), it combines the best parts of both ecosystems.


The current industry standard language is the Structured Query Language (SQL), which was designed for relational databases. On top of SQL, there are numerous other "Query Languages" created for specific data sources. For example, Splunk has Search Processing Language (SPL), AWS has CloudWatch Query Language, Azure has Kusto Query Language (KQL), etc. However, none of these languages are real "Programming" languages. For instance, they do not support "if-else" statements, "for" loops, or 'real' function calls, etc.

FPL supports all the features of a modern programming language, and also has a rich set of utility functions and methods to simplify data analysis and data visualization.

Fluency SIEM

FPL is used extensively in the Fluency Platform, and allows the SIEM tool to shine in areas such as Reporting, data Parsing, and also in performing Actions as part of SOAR-like functionality.

A primary goal of FPL is to solve the problem of API integration.

FPL Documentation Site

This site aims to provide a comprehensive guide and reference for the Fluency Programming Language. Many of the shown examples are real-world use-case taken from the Fluency SIEM platform in production.